What food not to eat in the evening to lose weight?

Do you lose weight if you don’t eat at night?

As you will have understood, not eating in the evening does not ensure weight loss and, moreover, can affect your nutritional balance and your sleep. “It’s fine to skip meals once in a while, if you’re not hungry.

Is it good to fast at night?

A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy life, so if you find that nighttime fasting is causing you nighttime cravings, we advise you not to continue, or you risk seriously disrupting your metabolism.

How to lose weight while Fasting in the evening?

Fasting is the best known and most popular method of intermittent fasting. This method consists of alternating periods of food intake of 8 hours with periods of fasting of 16 hours. Here, the last meal of the day is taken before 8 p.m. and the first meal of the day is taken the next day at noon.

How to eat at night to lose weight?

To allow you to lose weight, your evening slimming diet should ideally contain brown rice, vegetables and beans, and lean meat. You can also eat hard-boiled eggs, fish, 0% dairy products and drink sugar-free herbal teas.

What is the best meal for the evening?

Eat a high-carb, lean dinner. You must therefore eat bread, pasta, rice (preferably whole wheat because it has the advantage of having less tryptophan), or other cereals such as quinoa or beans all at once. well supplied with tryptophan.

Which food burns the most fat?

Green tea is one of the most effective fat burning foods. Indeed, in addition to the noted antioxidant and diuretic active ingredients, green tea contains catechins. Specifically, green tea contains epigallocatechin, also known as EGCG.

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